Conference "Card business and technology 2017", Kiev
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On June 20 in Kyiv will be a specialized conference for professionals in the market of payments and bank cards "Card business and technology 2017" the organizer of which is traditionally BankOnline. Annually this conference gathers about 200 specialists from banks, insurance and financial companies, developers of banking software and equipment manufacturers.
During the conference, the most relevant topics for the banking and financial community will be discussed:
  1. Condition and prospects of the card and payment market for 2017-2020 years
  2. Consumer sentiment in the banking services market
  3. Development of cashless payments in infrastructure SmаrtCity
  4. Transformation of banking products in Mobile
  5. Financial services from mobile operators, mobile commerce
  6. Successful cases of banks' synergy, fintech and retail
Here are some of the speeches:
Rostyslav Dyuk, Head of the direction of the electronic finance of the USAID project "Transformation of the financial sector" will share the results of a unique study of Ukrainian consumers regarding electronic finance and products.
Aleksey Puznyak, Vice President of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, will present an interesting joint project of the bank and the company Wargaming.
Taras Gorkun, Director of the Department of Treasury and Mobile Financial Services of the company "Kyivstar", will talk about the unique experience of mobile operators in Ukraine and Kazakhstan in financial services.
Dmitriy Zakhorovich, The managing partner of UAPAY, will present a unique joint project in our e-commerce market with OLX company - "Safe transaction".
Alina Maksimenko, The manager of the project "Kyiv city card" from Unit company will tell about the possibilities of the " Kyiv city card " platform not only in terms of payments, but also education (Student card), medicine, transport and administrative services.
There will be also foreign guests. Aleksey Kornikov, Director of the Electronic Channel Development Department of Alfa-Bank (Belarus), who will talk about the project for the development of a mobile bank using the example of INSYNC.BY.
Venue: Obolon Golf Center, located at: Kyiv, Heroes of Stalingrad, 10D