12-13 June 2018
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Global energy system is undergoing constant development and radical changes, and these changes occur faster than expected. In the nearest 20 years, global electricity consumption may increase by more than 50% while greenhouse gas emissions may reduce by 75%*. It is deemed viable due to more than $10* tln of global investments by 2040 into new efficient generating capacities only. Rapid growth of energy demands requires re-organization of existing operating mechanisms and reframe of energy supply system in general. Certainly, these changes will not occur in one day, but modernization and improvement of key system mechanisms require our immediate decisive actions.
The New Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035 defines strategic areas and terms of further functioning and development of the Ukrainian energy system on its way to integration into the unified European energy system, in particular, implementation of modern globally competitive scientific researches of systems and equipment. Currently, there are successful functioning innovative infrastructure projects, there have been implemented changes as to energy resources management – during the year of 2017 there were adopted 4 laws regulating energy efficiency in Ukraine.
That is why it is essential to ensure a possibility to share best practices between Ukrainian participants of the energy market and other experts from SEERC region, and enable discussion of the fastest and most efficient ways for the European integration of the Ukrainian energy system.
THE SECOND REGIONAL CONFERENCE SEERC 2018 will be held in Kyiv on June 12-13, 2018 and is meant to become a communication platform for a productive dialogue between representatives of energy generating and energy distributing companies, producers of energy equipment and services, developers of innovative and forward-looking energy systems, Ukrainian government and international energy community as well as all those interested in formation and development of electricity market.
SEERC (South Eastern European Region of CIGRE) is a regional (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Czech Republic, Montenegro) association of CIGRE (from French Conseil International Des Grands reseaux Électriques) - the International Council on the Large Electric Systems – is the leading worldwide organization on Electric Power Systems, covering their technical, economic, environmental, organizational issues in the field of electricity, as also questions about environmental protection. Association with headquartered in Paris was founded in 1921 and now unites more than 1,000 world-famous companies and 10,000 energy experts in the power industry.
CIGRE International council on large electric systems in Ukraine /CIGRE National Committee in Ukraine/
• Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
• Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety;
• Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine;
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
• Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
• Energy and Utilities National Regulatory Commission of Ukraine;
• Kyiv city state administration;
• National power company “Ukrenergo”;
• Hydro generating company PJSC “Ukrhydroenergo”;
• National nuclear energy generating company “NNEGC “Energoatom”;
• The International Exhibition Centre.
Congress and Exhibition Center “Parkovy”, Kyiv, 16а Park Road
General partner - the National Power Company "Ukrenergo".
Partners - The Largest Hydrogenerating Company of Ukraine "Ukrhydroenergo", Branch reserve-investment fund energy development, the National Nuclear Power Company “NNEGC Energoatom”, energy generating companies Donbasenergo and DTEK, Scientific and Technology Company ENPASELECTRO, European suppliers of energy equipment and technology, in particular world-famous manufacturers such as General Electric, ABB, Zaporozhtransformator.
*According to the development forecast from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)
**Source: BNEF



The Venue:

The Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Center, Ukraine, Kyiv, Parkova road, 16a


Participants may seek assistance from the Conference organizing committee. In order to arrange transfer, please tick a relevant field in the registration form, specify date and time of your arrival/departure, the desired class of a car and the number of people. Transfer costs are not included into registration fee and are subject to additional charge.


Special discounts are ensured for the Conference participants. In case of self-booking at one of the below listed hotels, please indicate the SEERC2018 code and you will be granted with a relative discount or a special rate. Also, you may inform us which hotel you would like to stay at, the desired dates of your stay and we will help you to book a hotel including a discount:

Three- star hotels:
• Rus - special rate from 48 euros (discounted 15%)
Lybid - special rate from 43 euros (discounted 15%)
Four- star hotels:
• President - special rate from 138 euros (discounted 35%. Discount is valid for booking only through the Arrangements committee)
• Radisson Blu Hotel - special rate from 180 euros (discounted 30%)
• Hotel Khreschatyk - special rate from 130 euros (discounted 20%. Discount is valid for booking only through the Arrangement committee)
Five – star hotels:
• Hyatt Regency - special rate from 190 euros (discounted 50%. Discount is valid for booking only through the Arrangement committee)
• Fairmont Hotel - special rate from 230 euros (discounted 40%)  
• Hilton Hotel Kyiv - special rate from 210 euros
• InterContinental Hotel Kyiv - special rate from 240 euros
In order to book a hotel, please tick a relevant field in the registration form, and we will contact you to specify the details.
Technical visits are scheduled for June 14 (by reservation made when registering for the Conference) in the following direction:
• Chornobyl nuclear power plant (Approximate cost 80 Euros. The price will be confirmed. Duration of excursion - all day)
• Electric power substation 750 kV Kyivska. (The price is 15 Euros)
• Kyiv Hydro-electric power station – pumped storage hydroelectric plant. (The price is 15 Euros)

Technical visit to Chornobyl NPP

Technical visit to Chornobyl NPP

A trip to Chernobyl is a unique opportunity to visit the well-known world-wide alienation area - the main evidence of the Chernobyl disaster.

 The tour takes place in a group under the guidance of a professional guide. It is planned to visit 2 abandoned cities - Chernobyl and Pripyat. Participants will be able to walk through the deserted streets, get acquainted with the New Safe Confidential (NSC), which is built jointly by almost hundreds of countries around the world over 4 destroyed power units of the nuclear power plant. The excursion program may vary depending on weather conditions and access to separate areas in the exclusion zone. Documents for visiting the closed zone are issued in advance. For non-residents of the country a longer procedure is foreseen.


Morning departure from Kiev, in an hour after departure - crossing of the checkpoint "Dityatky", entry into the 30-kilometer exclusion zone. Immediately upon arrival - a brief informational course on the history of the tragedy. After that a study tour of the city of Chornobyl and further travel to the 10-kilometer exclusion zone   with a review of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, including the NSC observation area of NSC, power units that are in a state of decommissioning. In the evening, the participants return to Kyiv.

The cost of the tour includes: travel on a comfortable bus, support of a licensed guide, lunch.

 Staying on the territory of the Chernobyl zone on the route provided by the program, with strict adherence to the requirements of the attendants, the radiation hazard does not represent. During one full day excursion to the Chornobyl zone, you will receive a dose of radiation in about 1 hour of flight on the plane.

Electric power substation 750 kV Kyivska

Voltage: 750/330/35/10 kV

Capacity: 999 MVA

Reserve capacity: 750 kV – 0 MW; 330 kV – 400 MW; (for connection of electricity producers).

The construction of substation “Kyivska” started in 2006. A place near 750 kV OHL Chornobyl NPP – Vinnytska was chosen for a new power unit to transfer the lines from Chornobyl OSG to a new substation. After the completion of construction and connection of 750 kV OHL Khmelnytska NPP – Kyivska, the substation replaced 750 kV OSG of Chornobylska NPP. However, there is only one overhang from 750 kV OHL Chornobyl NPP – Kyivska, actually used for feeding the Chornobyl zone.

Thus, the city of Kyiv and Kyiv region received additional 1000-1200 MW of capacity from Khmelnytska NPP and Rivnenska NPP.

In September 2016, the overhang of 750 kV OHL Khmelnytska NPP – Chornobylska NPP at 750 kV SS “Kyivska” with a length of 135 km was put into operation. By 2020, all substations of “Kyivske Kiltse,” managed by Ukrenergo, will upgrade its equipment and introduce automation of technological processes. Due to the switch to remote control, they may become the first non-serviced substations in Ukraine.

Kyivska HPP - Kyivska HPSPP

Kyivska HPP

Kyiv HPP has been operating since 1964, when the first hydroelectric plant began to work. Now in the power plant of 20 hydro units, the total capacity of which after reconstruction is 436.5 MW.

The total length of the pressure front of Kyiv hydropower systems is 42.3 km with the throughput of 12,500 m3/sec. There was first used low-pressure horizontal capsule hydro units at Kiev hydroelectric power plant, which allowed the design of a hydroelectric power station in conjunction with a water drain and refuse the construction of a separate drainage dam.

Kyivska hydropower plant was the first to use low-pressure horizontal capsule hydraulic units, making it possible to design a hydropower plant in conjunction with a water drain and refuse the construction of a separate drainage dam.

Kyivska HPSPP

The PSP is constructed to increase the peak power of Ukraine's grid, regulatory and reserve functions.  Kyiv Hydroelectric Power Station has been operation since 1970, when the first hydroelectric unit was put into operation, now there are 6 vertical hydropower units operating in the power plant: three aggregates with capacity of 41.5 MW with radial axial turbines and three with a pump with 37 MW turbines. The installed capacity of the PSP in the generator mode is 235.5 MW, in the pump-129 MW.

The lowest reservoir of the HPSPP is the reservoir of Kyivska HPP.  An artificially created upper reservoir with a useful capacity of 3.7 million m3 is constructed on the steep bank of Dnipro River (slope 1:5) and rises above the level of the reservoir of Kyivska HPP for 70 m. Near the slope, there is a building of the power station, where six vertical hydropower units are installed. Three out of the six hydro units of the HPSPP are connected to the upper reservoir with six metal pressure pipelines of 3.8 m in diameter. When working in pump mode of the PSP, fill in 6 hours. Upper pool, During the peak load period, all six units operate in generator mode for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

If participants wish, there can be arranged a Kyiv sightseeing tour. (To be paid additionally – the price is 30 euros per one tour). If interested, please tick a relevant field in the registration form and specify the desired date.
12.06.18 - Bus&Walking sightseeing tour "Welcome to Kyiv" + visit to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra
13.06.18 - Bus&Walking sightseeing tour "Welcome to Kyiv" + visit to St. Sophia Cathedral
14.06.18 - Bus&Walking sightseeing tour "Welcome to Kyiv" + visit to the Golden Gate museum
Golden Gates - one of the oldest defensive structures of Eastern Europe in the first half of the XI century, the main entrance to ancient Kiev. For centuries, through the Golden Gate, merchants and ambassadors drove into the city, henceforth the princely squads went to hike and the grand prince's daughters - the future queens of European countries - traveled to distant lands. Now this architectural object is a unique monument of defense and religious architecture of Kievan Rus.
St. Sophia Cathedral - the Christian cathedral in the center of Kiev, a monument of Ukrainian architecture and monumental painting of the XI-XVIII centuries. One of the most important Christian shrines of Eastern Europe, the historical center of the Kiev Metropolis.  St. Sophia Cathedral, as the main temple of the state, played the role of a spiritual, political and cultural center. Under the vault of St. Sophia there were solemn "plantings" on the throne, church councils, receptions of ambassadors and approval of political agreements.
St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral belongs to one of the most ancient Kyiv shrines.  The peculiarity of St. Michael's Cathedral was the golden roof of his bath.  Because of this, the temple, and later the entire monastery, began to be called St. Michael's Golden-Domed.  Today, the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery is the main monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate.
Independence Square is the central square of Kiev, a symbol of freedom.  It was here that the main events of the struggle for independence of Ukraine 1990-91, the 2004 Orange Revolution, as well as the "Revolution of Dignity" of 2013-14 were unfolded.  Independence Square is the place for holding the most important cultural and political events, a favorite place of rest of Kiev and visitors of the capital.
Khreshchatyk is one of the most famous central streets in the world.  For centuries, the center of commercial, political and cultural life of Kiev has been struggling for the past two centuries. The first telephone, telegraph, tram, water supply, gas and electric lighting, and finally, the first Kiev skyscraper - all this is Khreshchatyk. 1200 m - one of the shortest central streets in the world, and therefore the more interesting it is to walk it.
Arch of Friendship of Peoples (panorama of Kiev) - a sculptural composition, a symbol of unity of the fraternal peoples of the Soviet Union. The ensemble consists of an arch in the form of a three-layer rainbow, a bronze sculpture of two working and granite compositions, created on the grounds of the Pereyaslav Council. Scale monuments are impressive: the height of the sculptures - up to 6.2 meters, arches - about 30 meters. There was a monument in 1982, according to the authors' plans, it symbolizes the unity of the fraternal peoples of the Soviet Union. There is an observation deck behind the monument, which overlooks the Dnipro River and the Left Bank.
Postal Square is the historical place of the capital, where in the past work was done with correspondence.  In addition to the building that played the role of a post office, here you can see many other interesting and ancient memorials.  Among them are the Church of the Nativity of Christ, the monument to the electric tram and the station of the funicular.

The Kyiv Mohyla Academy for a long time was the only higher educational institution, institution of education in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the whole Orthodox world.  Founded in 1632 on the principles of humanism and enlightenment.  The academy not only taught youth but also spread education, knowledge.  Her pupils opened schools, funded libraries, promoted the development of culture, art, literature, music, theater.  Today, the Kyiv Mohyla Academy is one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions in Ukraine.

Kontraktova square is one of the main attractions of the capital of Ukraine. Here was the main market of the city, where merchants traveled not only from different districts of Kiev, but also from the territories adjacent to the city. The main attractions of Kontraktova Square are Gostiny Dvor, where the merchants who arrived at the fairyard settled, the Samson fountain - a fragment of the ancient water pipeline, the Greek temple of St. Catherine with a high bell tower and one of the best universities in Ukraine - the Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

Dnipro embankment - the street where the river station is located, the pier of the river trams.  From the embankment you can see the statue of the Motherland, whose height together with the pedestal is one hundred and two meters.  An interesting element of the Dnipro embankment is the lower platform directly near the water - a kind of podium, from which an unforgettable view of the Dnieper opens.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra - one of the first monasteries in Kievan Rus. Located in the center of Kiev, on the right, high bank of the Dnieper, and occupies two hills, separated by a deep hollow.  Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is a true masterpiece of Ukrainian and world architecture and belongs to UNESCO's cultural heritage. Today Lavra is visited by thousands of people from all over the world who come to pray and see her miracles.

The price includes:
• the fare: The Golden Gate - St. Sophia Cathedral - St. Michael's Cathedral - Independence Square - Khreshchatyk - People's Friendship Arch (panorama of Kyiv) - Poshtova square - Kyiv-Mohyla Academy - Contract Square - Dnipro embankment – Kyiv Pechersk Lavra
• guide services
• entrance tickets and excursions to the selected museum
* start of excursions at 10:00
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