07 June 2016
Seminar "Clothing Export from Ukraine: from theory to practice", Kiev
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It’s not just a seminar this is the step by step instruction to learn how to start Ukrainian production clothing export abroad, how to enter the new selling market and develop your own business to the international level.

Someone will say that this is too difficult, business is not up enough, there is no resources, we are not welcome there… We want you to know that using of practical tools and knowing of the "game rules" - you can sell Ukrainian production clothes today.

During the seminar you will get detailed algorithm of export from first to last steps using concrete examples. None of theory, no of “babbles” and abstract concepts, but practical information and real experience.

After the seminar you will find out:

  • What the DCFTA (deep and comprehensive free trade agreement) is and what opportunities and obligations arise for Ukrainian clothing manufacturers?
  • What potential market niches for Ukrainian clothing production is.
  •  Clothing purchase tender: possibilities for Ukrainian manufacturer.
  • Cross-border E-Commerce and gateway to global markets.
  • How to sell the clothes by Amazon and eBay, using of pay system PayPal: hurdle and opportunities.
  • Product promotion practical aspects on the Amazon
  • Successful stories of Ukrainian manufacturers enter on the international market. Success story of industry representatives. If they success, what are you waiting for?
  • How to get funding from financial organizations on development of your company. (Yeah, it’s possible!)
  • Creation of Ukrainian Clothing Exporters Support Center
  • Many others interesting and practical information

All the participants will get the research of potential Ukrainian production textile selling market

Organizer of the event is Industrial Development Agency (IDA Strategy Consultants). 

Partners: State enterprise «Ukrainian Industrial External Expertize» and consulting firm CTA (UK).

Official event provider - Event Envoy company.

Venue: Khreschatyk hotel, 14, Khreshchatyk St., Kiev