28-31 March 2016
Motivational counseling training as a basic approach of work with HIV/AIDS Services for Most At-Risk Populations (MARPs), Odessa
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"Service quality by improving the continuum of HIV prevention among MARPs in Ukraine" international technical assistance project funded by the US Agency of International Development (USAID) and implemented within the frameworks of the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the United for humanitarian and engineering-and-economical cooperation.

USAID RESPOND five-year Project create to assist the Government of Ukraine in reducing levels of HIV transmission among representatives of most at-risk populations and their sexual partners by improving the continuum of HIV prevention.

The social workers of funds will tell us about motivational counseling as a basic approach of work with HIV vulnerable groups, within the frameworks of this project. The event will hold 29-31 March, in Odessa.

Subject matter of training:

  • Trans-teoretical theory of changes;
  • Motivational interviewing;
  • Application of Reality Therapy in motivational counseling;
  • The role of empathy in motivational counseling;
  • Transient-oriented problem model of motivational counseling;
  • Using method of scaling and effective question;
  • Testing of motivational counseling skills in contact with sexual partners.

Facilitators: Alla Boyko, Natalya Tuleneva

Organizer: FHI360

Event-provider - Event Envoy company.

Venue: Hotel "Arcadia", 24 Genues’ka str., Odessa