24 March 2016
Seminar «Flour and cereals Export to the EU: from theory to practice»
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It’s not an ordinary seminar, it is step-by-step instruction for beginning of export to EU countries, guidance how to start on new markets and how to fit the business to the international level.
Someone can say that it is too difficult, our business is not enough adapt for this, we have no money, time, knowledge or other resources for this, no one does not waiting for us….We want to convince that by using of practical instruments and efficient rules of game you can sale flour and cereals in the EU from today.
During the seminar you will receive a detailed algorithm for exports from the first to the last step using the concrete examples. None of theory, milk-and-water and abstract terms, just practical information and real experience.

In the end of this seminar you will find out:

  • How to determine your own ability to export of the production.
  • What products are most popular in EU, its price and who is the biggest fish on market.
  • What are non-tariff exports restrictions exist.
  • What certificates need for export to EU and procedure for its obtaining.
  • How to make an export strategy with detailed, phased plan for its implementation.
  • Successful examples of Ukrainian flour and cereal companies release on European markets. Success story of the representatives. If they can, what are you waiting for.
  • How to get financial support of the International Finance Organizations in the development of company. (It is very important!)
  • Who you should contact in case if you have questions or difficulties during the foreign economic activity.

Organizer: IDA Strategy Consultants.

Partners: State Enterprise "Ukrpromzovnishexpertyza" and consulting company CTA (UK). 

Official event-provider: - Event Envoy company.

For more information and registration please contact Майя Шокало + 044 221 26 35, Моб.тел. +38 067 309 32 19e-mail:shokalo@eventenvoy.com.ua