11 February 2018
Say "No" to violence!

We continue to cooperate with the Council of Europe and make our small contribution to the development of our country.

On January 24, with the support of the Council of Europe in cooperation with the National School of Justice of Ukraine and the National Academy of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine, the HELP Program "Countering Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence" was presented.

The event was attended by more than a hundred participants, including prosecutors and judges from all over Ukraine, representatives of state bodies and lawyers.

During his speech, the Commissioner for Children's Rights, Mykola Kuleba, said: "Women and children are at a particularly high risk of violence in the areas affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Every year more than a million women and children suffer from domestic and sexual violence, and only a third of them go to law enforcement agencies. "

Today, the authorities have gained real mechanisms for protecting everyone who has suffered from domestic violence. We want to believe that countering violence will be one of the priorities not only of the authorities, but also of the public.

We are always glad to be involved in projects which protect the rights of women and children in society!

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