20 April 2018
In June, more than 400 energy professionals from the south-eastern region of the International Council for Large Electric Systems CIGRÉ will get togеther in Kyiv to discuss the prospects for energy modernization and development
The 2nd Regional Conference SEERC 2018: Energy Security and Innovation takes place in Kyiv, on June 12-13, organized by the International Council on Large Electrical Systems in Ukraine CIGRÉ.
The purpose of the conference is a productive dialogue between all stakeholders in the energy market: representatives of energy generating companies and power distribution companies, energy equipment and services manufacturers, innovators and new energy systems developers, Ukrainian authorities and the international energy community, as well as all those who are interested in the formation and development of the electricity market.
The New Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035 defines strategic areas and terms of further functioning and development of the Ukrainian energy system on its way to integration into the unified European energy system, in particular, implementation of modern globally competitive scientific researches of systems and equipment. At the moment, innovative infrastructure projects are successfully operating. In the year 2017 important changes have been introduced in energy management and four regulating Ukraine's energy efficiency laws were approved. Therefore, the possibility of exchanging experience between Ukrainian energy market participants and other experts is extremely important, as well as discussion of the fastest and most effective ways of European integration of the Ukrainian energy system.
What does energy Euro-integration mean for Ukraine?
  • Conscious Energy Efficient Society
  • Independence of the fuel and energy complex
  • Implementation of modern management system
  • Growth of the investment attractiveness of Ukraine's energy sector
Among the issues to be discussed:
  • Future perspective of the South-Eastern energy market 
  • The issue of electricity metering in the Region 
  • New issues in energy trading 
  • New connections between energy systems (aerial lines and cables, underwater cables, high-voltage direct currents)
  • Impact of energy demand on market conditions 
  • Examples of energy system shutdown (ice storms, flooding and wind storms, cyberattacks, physical attack, fires, earthquakes)   
  • Managing resistance challenges with due consideration of new network codes, preparatory programs, examples of successful practice Projects of Micro and Smart Networks
  • New business models
  • and many others
Within the framework of the conference we will have a thematic exhibition, as well as academic and student forums.
More about the event on the official site - http://forum2018.cigre.org.ua/en/ 
International council on large electric systems in Ukraine CIGRÉ is a public organization, covering their technical, economic, environmental, organizational issues in the field of electricity, as also questions about environmental protection. Its main task is to exchange technical knowledge and information between engineering staff and technical experts from all countries in the field of generation and transmission of high voltage electricity. CIGRE was founded in 1921 and for more than 90 years, it has united engineers and specialists representing electric systems and electrical engineering in many countries of the world. Currently, the association includes about 1000 collective and more than 10,000 individual members from 90 countries around the world.
SEERC  is a regional association of CIGRE members of the countries of South-Eastern Europe including Ukraine, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Montenegro. 
SUPPORTED BY: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Energy and Utilities National Regulatory Commission of Ukraine, Kyiv city state administration, National power company “Ukrenergo”, Hydro generating company PJSC “Ukrhydroenergo”, National nuclear energy generating company “NNEGC “Energoatom”, The International Exhibition Centre.
CIGRE International council on large electric systems in Ukraine /CIGRE National Committee in Ukraine/
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