11 September 2018
Presentations of financing models for public broadcasters in Lithuania, France, Finland
On September 11, experts from France, Lithuania and Finland presented a model for funding public broadcasters in their countries. The Council of Europe provides expertise to improve the financing model of PJSC "NSTU". In accordance with the Council of Europe standards, the funding model for public service broadcasting must meet certain criterias:
1) There should be effective legislative guarantees guaranteeing proper financing of the CM
2) The financing of the CM should be sufficient to fulfill the mission of the CM, as well as stable, to ensure high quality content and long-term planning
3) Funding from the state should be free from political interference (to prevent the impact on editorial policy)
The issue of financing the CM pays attention to the Resolution of PACE 2179 (2017) "Political Impact on Independent Media and Journalism" (https://bit.ly/2N7T6dB).
In Lithuania, the budget of the public broadcaster LRT includes income from 1.5% of the actual income from personal income tax and 1.3% of excise tax revenue.
In France, the SM budget consists of a subscription fee (in fact, part of the personal income tax) and advertising revenue.
In Finland, the Yle budget consists of special tax revenues (from 0 to 163 euros depending on personal income).