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Conference service: the best improvisation is the one that is well planned

Blog | 13 november 2019

As Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey said, “Bring each detail to perfection and then bring each of those parts to perfection.” And damn it, how relevant this approach is to the conference service! As ordering the room and catering are only the small part of an iceberg which hides a million of details. Success or failure of your business-event depends on them.

Therefore, we will take a closer look at key moments:

Meeting the guests. Take your own route (or at least think about it) that the participant will take from the entrance to the building and the hall. Is it clear? Is there a signboard at the entrance (a stand or any other type of advertising medium) to inform the guests that they are exactly where they need to be? Are there directions at each turn and intersection of your route to make sure that neither the horse is lost nor the head is damaged?

Registration. There are lots of myths and legends about this stage. Mostly horrific. If you are not a fan of this genre for your own events, we recommend to remember one word — speed. The main task of any registration (well, except the most obvious one — to mark a person on the list) — to do it quickly. It is important to consider the amount of the personnel and everyone’s zone of responsibility. To choose the optimal registration mechanism: mark on the list – hand out materials — send to the hall. Alternatively, possible: mark in the list — receive a signature from a participant — print a badge — conduct a survey … Or just read a QR code by the scanner.

Handouts. Packages, folders, bags, etc. should be completed beforehand. Usually, the day before the event. Do not do this in the morning before the event and especially in front of the guests. Only badges could be exceptions. If the registration mechanism foresees the printing of badges at the time of registration, then ok — it is acceptable. In this case, keep in mind that the badges themselves (procurement or as they are called — blanks) should be printed in advance, and at the event we only write the name.

Catering. It is possible to talk about it so endlessly long as watch when others work, but we will stop on one point. Pay attention to the religious and philosophical views of participants: some do not consume pork, others are vegans, others — raw foodists, others fast etc. If the food does not include individual menus, tell guests what kind of cuisine will be and emphasize on the possibility to buy food in the restaurant if there is such need.

Comfort and safety. The temperature of the building should not be too high, but also not so freezing. It should be considered that the presence of 100 and more people at the same time increases the temperature of the air even without adding it on the thermostat. So, if it is a little bit cool in the beginning of the event, keep in mind that in 15-20 minutes it can become hot. And if you have passionate speakers, then probably even earlier 😊

It should be enough of space, but not too empty. If long lectures are expected, then armchairs should be comfortable. In case when participants need to write a lot, choose seating with tables. Be sure to check for a working fire alarm, escape route. Security of the premises, especially during a closed event is “a must have”.

Logistics.  Take note of arrival time of international participants’ or guests and type of transport, if they have been invited to the event. For instance, if the part of guests comes by train at 7 a.m., it is a big probability, that they will be at 8 a.m. at our location (even if the official start is at 10 a.m.). You should think where people may sit waiting for the opening and dress up after the road. In another case, we feel sorry towards your personnel that will be the first to meet guests, that have spent 2 hours in the freezing cold. If the event involves group transfers or the development of individual logistic cards, it is necessary to consider the time and place of arrival of absolutely all participants. Make a personal note to each of them, indicating the personal route and the contact of the person responsible for the logistics (or the driver, if there is a private one).

In addition, the main secret of the professional conference-management lies in the fact that all the above processes are mutually consistent and work as a honed mechanism of the Swiss watch. Moreover, this is the task of the conference manager.

Be professionals yourself and allow professionals to take care for your event!


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